Demand for skilled accountants and financial experts in Chicago is high and still rising. Employers are looking for numbers-minded workers who can help them put and keep their finances in order.

Workers always do well to understand what companies are seeking and how to stand out when searching for a position. When it comes to accounting and finance jobs Chicago residents should be aware of a few especially significant recent developments.

Informed Candidates Fare Best When Competing for Accounting and Finance Openings

While people skilled at accounting and finance can count on having plenty of opportunities, the job market is more complicated than that. A solid grounding in a chosen subfield will always be important, but employers demand more from most candidates.

Fortunately, there are some fairly easy ways to become a more attractive accounting or finance candidate. Some of the types of assets that employers increasingly seek include additional skill with:

  • Technology. Even the most traditional corners of accounting have been transformed profoundly by the adoption of technology. That is even truer of finance, where technological innovations are always being sought out and adopted aggressively. Candidates who are passionate about tech themselves inevitably fare better in the job search than those who are merely comfortable with it. Anyone who has underdeveloped technology skills will want to update them quickly if looking for work in the fields of accounting and finance.
  • People. It used to be considered fine for rank-and-file accountants to be retiring and even withdrawn. That is no longer the case at all, with employers typically wanting such workers to be able to engage energetically with others. Having a lack of people skills will hold just about anyone back today, but such deficits can be overcome. In fact, there are now plenty of focused options for those who wish to develop their professionally oriented social skills quickly.

Plenty of Rewarding Jobs are Available

Accounting and finance experts who are skilled in these areas tend to rise to the top when positions open up. While demand for candidates is very high, Chicago-area employers increasingly insist that the accounting and finance specialists they hire be very well-rounded, in general.