What You Need to Know About Drones and Counter Drone Technology

Drones have been among the most useful and efficient technology that has ever been created, it is used in all sectors, security, photography, environment, transport, agriculture, among other areas, however, besides their magnificent users they have a black side, because of their efficiency which is facilitated by advanced by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology that makes them almost undetectable has contributed to their misuse leading to security concerns. Although strict laws exist controlling how and where the drones can be used, there are some situations where drones have been caught in highly sensitive areas such as at the airport risking hundreds of passengers lives, this has led to the development of ant-drown technology that aims at preventing drones in unwanted areas. To learn more about drones and anti-drowns technology make sure you continue reading this article.

Drones are small aircraft that cruise in the air without a pilot, for them to achieve high cruising altitude and acquire their maneuverability they are made of light yet strong composite materials, and to effectively serve their purpose the drowns are fitted with infrared cameras, GPS and laser which make it easier for them to be controlled remotely and while sending information to the ground using the ground control system which is also known as the ground cockpit.

Besides strong and light composite materials that make drones, the engineers make sure the material used also absorbs the vibration of the drone significantly that you can hardly hear the sound of the drone on the flight, addition drown sensors and navigation systems are fitted at the nose to increase its efficiency in send and receiving commands signals from the ground cockpit, where the rest of drone body comprises electronics that it needs to perform optimally.

Some drones because of their difficulty to detect nature have to lead them snuck in highly sensitive areas which become a security issue, as a result, anti-drone technology has been designed and is used to hunt such unwanted drones. There variety of anti-drone technology which includes but is not limited to jammers, geofencing, thermal detection, radar detection for big drones at high attitude, RF detection as well as video detection which can be used independently or several techniques used together for easy and reliable drone detection purposes. There is a lot more about drones and anti-drone technology but there is a summary we have.

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